Bedside Drawers Upcycle

In the spirit of economising now that I’m no longer working full time, I’ve been trying to find ways to reuse things that we already have while we redecorate the house, or to breathe new life into things that we can be given for free. Obviously there’s cost involved in terms of buying paint and so on, but it feels better value that buying new. Also, I like the idea of keeping something out of landfill, especially if all it needs is a lick of paint.

I’ve got two upcyle projects to share with you, and here’s the first!

Here is my old and tatty bedside table drawers. I forgot to take a proper ‘before’ shot, so here they are following a good scuffing up from some sandpaper. As you can see, they’re a fetching shade of 80’s orangey brown. In fact, they were considerably more orange then they appear here. If you’re going to rub down something for painting, I’d advice that you do it outside. I didn’t do this as I wanted to watch telly while it did it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the mess… Before I began painting, I added a few tacks here and there to the drawers bring them back into shape so that they sit straight. At the end of the process, I rubbed soap to the wooden runners on the inside. It’s my top tip to get them running more smoothly.

Then, I gave it several coats of paint, leaving it to dry for a couple of hours between the first coat and second, and then overnight between the second and third. I think it took about four coats in total. 
The original knobs were not beautiful, so I ordered some new ones. I love copper and white together (which you’ll see a lot of once the house is finished!) so I ordered some lovely hexagonal ones from I was very nearly swayed by these ones though. 
And Ta Da! I did almost immediately ruin the top by putting some post on top, then a a cup of tea on top of the post, thus practically welding said post to the top of the drawers. Oh dear! I managed to soak off the majority of the paper, doing no damage to the paint, luckily! I do think though, I’m not a coaster kind of person, so I’m not going to worry about the odd tea stain or bit of newsprint. Especially since I’ve got loads of paint left and I can easily freshen it up when needed. 

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