Cargo 2 Launch: Spuntino

If you read my Bristol Cider Shop post, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Wapping Wharf. The area just keeps getting and better. With the opening of Cargo 2, we now have a whole raft of new amazing places to visit. Located on the upper level, on the corner nearest Wapping Wharf, is Spuntino, which has one of the best views in the area. We visited on July 8th, so Bristol Pride was in full flow over the water at the Lloyd’s Amphitheatre. Bristol is never better than in the sunshine, and it was absolutely glorious sitting outside having such a lovely vista. Contrary to how it looks in this photo, it was actually really sunny!

As we had a look at the menu, we were given some popcorn with chilli salt. I love chilli with everything so this was very welcome. To drink, my husband had a beer, and I went for a ‘rhubarb refresher’. The cocktail menu was really tempting, but knowing that I needed to get back and do some writing, I managed to resist.

Simon chose the special, a ‘Hunters Chicken’ burger, and some fries. Ever indecisive, I went for a mix of starters, sharers and salad. I chose the buttermilk chicken starter, the mac & cheese and the pea, mint and feta salad. Now, while my husband is a very good blog-husband in that he will politely sit and wait while I take 20 pictures, he’s more the strong, silent type. However, he did manage to squeeze out the following words about his burger; ‘succulent’, ‘nice, soft bun’, ‘well cheesed’, ‘just the right amount of pickle’.

[Random aside; I wanted to insert a gif from Labyrinth here. Do you remember the bit with the man with a bird on his head, and the bird says, “And I think that’s your lot,”? That bit. I couldn’t find it though, so here’s the link to the scene if you have no idea what I’m on about! Skip to 1.28]


I must apologise for these slightly rubbish photos; it was so sunny I couldn’t really see my phone screen so they don’t really do the food justice! The fried chicken starter was excellent; the meat was really succulent and the spice mix was delicious. I have to admit to jabbing my fork in and eating it like a lollipop. And no bones! Loved it. The salad was simple and fresh. I knew that I would want something fresh to cut through the richness of the other two dishes, and it did its job. The mac n cheese was a perfect example; rich, tasty and comforting. I loved the perfectly-toasted breadcrumbs on top. There’s the option to have lobster with the mac n cheese, if that floats your boat.

The total bill came to a few pennies shy of £37 including a 10% tip. The amount we ordered was a perfect late-lunch aka really-quite-hungry portion. If you’re heading there for a bigger meal, there are also some excellent sounding puddings, such as ‘brown sugar cheesecake’, and in the Starters section, I would like to try the eggplant chips.

As part of the Cargo 2 launch, me and some ace Bristol bloggers have done a round up of the new openings. The links will go live on 9th July, so get yourself a cuppa and have a read through.

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