My Minimalism Recipe – how and why I changed my outlook on ‘stuff’

Minimalism | Yes Starling

A little while ago I posted a picture in my Instagram stories (the picture in this post) which I thought was pretty uncontroversial. It shows my cat basking in the sunshine in my lounge. The response I got was quite unexpected! I got lots of messages saying, ‘Where’s all your stuff??’ and ‘It’s so empty!’ and ‘Your house is so tidy!’. In response to that, I posted pictures of the rest of the house to show that there are, in fact, some things in my lounge, they’re just down the other end!

I got into some conversations about tidiness and minimalism, and so I put together a couple of blog posts to share they how and why.

If you want to know how and why I fell in love with minimalism – click here.

If you want practical tips to get started – click here.

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