Kitchen gadgets, clutter and must-haves

I read a post today about the kitchen equipment/gadgets that we can all do without. I disagreed with a lot of the article, so I won’t repost it but reading it made me think two things;

1) how different each individual’s list would be (the author gave himself a really tricky challenge!)

2) what might my list be

I think when we talk about minimalism or decluttering, it’s great to share our own recipe for success, but that we need to be aware of talking in absolutes. What’s essential for one person is extraneous for another, and that’s fine. One of the ‘get rid’ items was fine china. I happen to love my fine china and we use it every day. It gives me such pleasure eating from beautiful plates. Ours are white bone china, with a gold rim. We also have some ugly Ikea pasta bowls (which we call platey bowls). I’d love them to be more beautiful but their value in function is immeasurable!

In my kitchen, I have a few large gadgets that some minimalists might get rid of, but to me, they’re really useful and are definite Keepers. I’m thinking of my slow cooker, my Kitchen Aid and my bread maker. My bread maker and Kitchen Aid were both bought second hand at vastly reduced cost, and so they’re even more valuable to me. My slow cooker is a cheap and cheerful one, and in cost per use is definitely in pennies now.

I don’t use my Kitchen Aid often at all, but when I do it gives me so much joy, and I’m so glad to have it. The bread maker and slow cooker get used a few times a month and nothing beats waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread or arriving home to the smell of dinner ready to go.

I know I certainly do have some items I could get rid of but struggle to let go, namely biscuit cutters and cake decorating supplies. I might make it the focus of my next decluttering session to look again at those and pick out just a few to keep.

What are your kitchen essentials? And what are the items you find hard to let go of?

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