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January 2018 Hashtags

In November, I loved all the autumnal hashtags but there were so many that I needed to break them up into groups on my phone. I usually store them in Notes, but it’s very easy to accidentally Cut them rather than Copy them, and then you’ve lost them. To solve this issue, I created a Google Doc which I then saved as a link on my Home Screen for quick access. I shared it with some friends and they found it really useful. I’ve been creating a new doc every month since. Here’s January’s, in case you might find it useful too.

It’s a collaborative page, so if you want to add a hashtag, simply comment in the appropriate place, and I will click it to accept it.

If you do find it useful, let me know in the comments and I’ll share them monthly.

January Hashtags

The picture is of my January wreath, which is just my Christmas wreath with the snowflakes removed; I couldn’t quite get rid of it yet!



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