Ah Swoon. Swoon, Swoon, Swoon. Rarely has an abstract name been so appropriate.

My husband and I love Swoon. WE. LOVE. SWOON. So much so that we had Swoon gelato at our wedding. Simon and some of his friends went out to collect it and we served it to our guests. Here I am taking the serving of chocolate sorbetto very seriously!

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Swoon to have a sneaky taste of the new Christmas flavours, and watch the gelato being made. We also tried mango sorbet bellinis! 

After the bellinis, we tried the gelatos and sorbettos. As well as all the core flavours, we got to try the new Christmas flavours; pannetone, mince pie, and mulled wine! They were all lovely but the pannetone was AMAZING. I am not the biggest fan of pannetone usually; I love the flavour but find it too dry. But if you turn it into gelato is it suddenly my New Favourite Thing. And I have genuinely not stopped thinking about it since! I also really loved the twist on the chocolate sorbetto; it now has chilli in! I love chocolate and chilli and this sorbetto is no exception. It doesn’t matter how many times I try it, I still can’t get my head around something this creamy being vegan! It’s all down to the churn, apparently.

Here’s a picture of one of the gelato cakes. Wouldn’t this be an amazing alternative to a Christmas cake or Christmas pudding? And look at Santa; he’s a strawberry filled with gelato! All the heart eyes.
And just as we were all about to drift into a sugar coma, we got to try these amazing gelato-filled macarons.

Thank you SO much for having us, Swoon. It was such a pleasure to try the flavours, and to see gelato being made. 

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