Kedgeree and Cocktails at The Old Bookshop


I don’t know about you, but kedgeree is one of those dishes that I really love but never cook at home (along with curry, and frozen parfait) so when it comes up on a menu, I find it hard to resist. I was recently invited to try the new brunch menu at The Old Bookshop, and joy of joys, kedgeree! I’d already got kedgeree on the brain because my friend Lyzi had recently posted hers on her Instagram stories, so to be able to have it without the effort of persuading my husband to make it for me! Result.

Following my February flirtation with veganism, this would be my first egg in about six weeks. The eggs that sat on top of the kedgeree were perfectly poached, and I really do feel that I let them down by not perfectly capturing them being popped. Apparently, featuring poached eggs on Instagram increases engagement by something like 120% so I rue the day I missed out on that one…

The kedgeree was gorgeous too; I think a bit coconutty, perhaps. I loved its creaminess and it was so satisfying. There was a generous sprinkling of crispy kale on top too which is a great touch. Can we start a petition for all sprinkled parsley and coriander to be replaced with crispy kale?

Now, if you know me well, the next sentence will come as a bit of a shock. I drank gin. Willingly! I tried the ‘Salty Dog’ which is “Psychopomp Wôden gin with the zing of grapefruit juice, pickle juice, lemon and lemon salt”.  It was really tasty and interesting. I loved the salt on the rim of the glass. I wondered if the pickle juice would be overpowering, but it wasn’t. I loved it! I had a sip of the Bloody Mary too, and that was wonderful. 

I’ve since been back and had the kedgeree again, and the Bloody Mary and they were wonderful. It’s £12.50 for one of the brunch dishes plus a cocktail which is fab value. When I visited last weekend with Simon, we also tried the Wild Garlic Dumplings from the small plates menu and oh my goodness, they were spectacular.

I’m pretty much looking for any excuse to go again, so if anyone fancies going, you know who to ask!

Wild Garlic Dumplings
Bloody Mary (not both mine!)

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