Food Subscription Services – are they worth it?

FYI; This isn’t an ad, I haven’t been paid to write this, and the offers I refer to are open to everyone.


One question guaranteed to have me rolling my eyes like a sulky teenager is, “What shall we have for dinner?” I love food but by the end of the day, I’ve invariably got decision fatigue and I can’t make any. more. choices. If I had endless pots of money, I’d probably get Pho delivered six days a week, but until I win the lottery, I need to make another plan.

Living in Bristol, we’ve got plenty of food delivery options but they work out as really expensive if you use them a lot, so I wanted to look into subscriptions instead. Subscriptions appeal to me because I can pick what I want from a limited selection of options, and it arrives at my house ready to go.

So far on my list to try are Miller Green and Hello Fresh.

I googled Hello Fresh and saw that they have a 50% offer on your first two boxes, working out at about £30 per box (regular price c. £60). Please note that this is for four portions per meal – my husband and I prefer to take homemade food for lunch where possible, and I wanted to be able to continue to do so. For comparison’s sake, this works out at about £5 a portion when full price. Hello Fresh is available all over the UK, and delivery is included in the price of the box.

Miller Green is Bristol-based, 100% vegan, and a large proportion of their produce is homegrown. Miller Green deliver daily from Tuesday to Saturday and you can order on the day or on subscription. We went for the three-day subscription box in regular size (large is also available for a bit more money) which works out at approximately £5 per portion. Miller Green have a sliding scale for delivery cost, and we are in the £2.50 bracket.

Miller Green

The food arrived within our given time slot of 6 – 7 pm and arrives ready to go straight in the fridge. This means that you need to be around to collect the food – it can’t be left outside if you’re not home. If you know you’re going to be out, you can arrange for it to be left with a neighbour, or if you work within the delivery area, it can be dropped off at work instead. The food arrives in cardboard pots with recyclable plastic lids or in foil containers with cardboard lids meaning that the packaging entirely recyclable.

We didn’t choose our dishes, but if there’s something you don’t want to eat, that can be accommodated. The dishes that arrived were massaman curry, Iranian stew, and lasagne.

We ate the massaman curry straight away and it was wonderful – absolutely packed with flavour. I took the Iranian stew to work for my lunch the next day, and while it was pleasant, it didn’t hit the heights of the curry. I took the lasagne for my lunch the following day and it was also fantastic, even despite the fact I couldn’t bake it as instructed and had to microwave it instead. I would definitely order the curry and the lasagne again but would ask for an alternative to the stew.


  • Two out of the three dishes were excellent, one was fine
  • Local where possible
  • Vegan
  • Very convenient
  • Excellent communication and customer service


  • Regular portion size is great for lunch, but my husband found he was still a bit hungry when he had it for dinner. Larger portions are available


  • None!

Conclusion; is Miller Green worth it?

Absolutely. Miller Green has set the bar really high! I have two weeks of Hello Fresh on order, so I’m definitely going to use those, but if I hadn’t, I’d be tempted to stop my research there and just stick with Miller Green!

Our Hello Fresh Box arrived this morning, so I’ll add another post to let you know what it’s like. If you have any recommendations for other subscription services worth a try, let me know!

Please note; I have edited this post slightly – Sue from Miller Green emailed me with some details about the questions I had re recycling and delivery, so I have amended those. 


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