#CGxHoF Crown and Glory pop up!

So here’s my very first post for Yes Starling! I’ve not quite got to grips with the layout yet (it appears differently in the post to how it appears in the section where I write, how annoying is that?!) so please forgive my slight wonkiness. 

Despite layout dissatisfaction, I can certainly say that I am starting off with a BRILLIANT topic!

On Thursday I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit the Crown and Glory pop up in House of Fraser, Cabot Circus thanks to the wonderful ladies at the Bonjour, Blogger #BlogClub. 

Having recently fallen down the rabbit hole towards Wedding Land, I’ve been aware of Crown and Glory for a little while. Their collaboration with Rock n Roll Bride is the stuff of rainbowy dreams, so naturally I love it!

The only problem (!!!) I’ve had with the Crown and Glory products is that I just can’t chose between then, and so I’ve been dithering over purchases for months.

And then proving that sometimes indecision pays off, I am presented with the opportunity to design My Very Own Crown!

The process goes like this; when you arrive at the stand, you’ll be given a popcorn box to fill with whichever blooms you want on your crown. With very little persuasion, I went for the GIANT pink one, and an assortment of smaller flowers (in rainbow colours, of course). 

You then hand your box over to Sophie or Gareth, and they arrange your flowers on a tray, and check that you’re happy with the order. They then glue gun them onto your crown or hairband base, add leaves to the underneath and voila!

I can’t adequately explain just how much fun, and how exciting I found the whole process.  Every part of the process is utterly joy-filled from first seeing the beautiful stand, to choosing your flowers, to watching it being made and last but not least, to actually owning this amazing creation! 

The pop up in on for one more, day (Sunday 15th) so do your best to hurry along and get yourself one. If you can’t make it, have a look at their online shop. There’s some really dainty and subtle crowns too; perfect for wearing to a wedding, or let’s be frank, just wearing to the park and rejoicing in looking like a QUEEN!

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