Bristol Cider Shop

Ever since I moved to Bristol, there’s been something (nearly) happening in the Wapping Wharf area. For a long time I thought it would just stay a big wasteland. Or maybe become a carpark. Walking past it was never a highlight of my walk into town from my first Bristol home on North Street. The advertising on the high, boarded fence promising all sort of things for its future, but the rubble never seemed to morph into anything. I moved north of the river, and never really gave it much thought, then all of a sudden, things started to change. 

I walk much the same walk into town as I did several years ago. In the nearly-year since I moved Southville, I vaguely noticed, then observed with interest, the developments taking place at Wapping Wharf. Now it’s nearing completion, I can scarcely believe my luck that it’s so close to my house. 
One opening I’m especially happy about is a Bristol institution; Bristol Cider Shop. I love cider, and I think we’re incredibly lucky to have Bristol Cider Shop in our city. Under Pete’s guidance, I’ve tried all sorts of cider that I would never have found on my own, and realised what variety there is. As well as going in to buy cider, you can also attend tastings. I’m going to one soon and I am SO excited! I’m going to the Cheese and Cider one, which I know will be a match made in heaven. The Festive one also sounds amazing. 
On the 12th October I was lucky enough to go to the opening event, and try out some new (to me) cider. It was also the very notable event of my first mulled cider of the year! The Cider Shop’s container has a beautiful mural inside; definitely calling out to be Instagrammed. Their hashtag is #CiderAtCargo and if you have a look at it, you can see some other pictures I took on the night, and you’ll also see some from Sam. We had a lot of fun both eating and posing gingerbread men. Who knew that gingerbread men and cider was such an awesome combo?! There was also amazing cheese from The Bristol Cheesemonger (if you read my Eat. Walk. Talk. post you’ll already know what a big fan I am!), and delicious chutneys and pickles from Bishopston Preserves (which you can buy at The Bristol Cheesemonger if you’re in town). 
When you’ve popped in, let me know which cider you tried! I’ll do another post after I’ve been to the tasting and tell you all about what I had. 

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