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IGTV for people who know nothing about video editing; some useful apps for vertical video.

I had been debating opening a YouTube channel after I move to show people around my new flat, new school, new city etc, and to take you on adventures with me. But what was stopping me is that YouTube is full of super-slick drone video and jazzy edits. To be perfectly honest, I just couldn’t be bothered to learn how to do it all. And then along came IGTV! It’s right there in the app and appears to be just like Stories but less disjointed and easier to keep around. I love that it’s vertical so I can watch it without moving my phone around and unlocking lock-rotate every time. But I still had the problem that I don’t actually know how to edit video.

I’ve very briefly used iMovie at work, but it doesn’t currently support vertical video, so I wanted to find another app so I could still do it on my phone. I asked in my blogging group but no one had found a simple solution. I then saw this great article by Helen Redfern which helped me to just GET GOING.

Apps I Tried


VidClips screenshot | vertical video editing apps | Yes Starling

VidClips initially seemed great, but the Pro version crashes when you try and save. Looking at the reviews it’s a problem that’s been around for a while so doesn’t look like they’re going to fix it, so don’t waste your fiver on upgrading! (I didn’t read the reviews before buying. Fool!) The free version works ok but you can’t edit the transition types etc. It’s got some good free music on though, so you could edit in InShot (which has less good music) and add music in VidClips.


InShot screenshot | vertical video editing apps | Yes Starling

Luckily, I then came across InShot while looking for alternatives and it’s fab! I use the free version. It’s really simple to use and I’m really happy with the results for my first try. You can use it to make landscape, square and vertical videos which is a bonus. I used 4K video clips which it handled with no problems and the quality remained good. Until I work out how to embed IGTV videos, you can see the video I made here. I’m really looking forward to making more and getting better at it.

If you’ve found any other great apps, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the post.

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